Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dance Premiere Features Music by Christel Veraart

Christel Veraart’s music is featured in a new dance production, Frágil Des(Conforto) in São Paulo, Brazil. Her latest compositions, Alyeska and Polar Moon were adapted for choreographic purposes. These compositions were inspired by the vast beauty of the Alaskan landscapes.
An earlier composition, Iemanja’s Chant from her Inner Landscapes CD was adapted for the Dance Finale.

Watch music video of Polar Moon which is used in the Finale.

São Paulo, July 16, 2013
Translation of Press Release 
Amanda Queiros, Metro São Paulo, 7/16/2013

Semanas de Dança   
(Dance Weeks) - Diversity is the theme for a 2013 edition that brings together the presentations of 18 groups continuing through August). Zélia Monteiro e Balé da Cidade de São Paulo open the program.

Suspended last year due to a big remodel at the Centro
Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), the Semanas de Dança (Dance
Weeks) are returning to this venue for 2013.
The event, which has been taking place there since 1990, has established a prominent place in the cultural scene of the city as one of the most comprehensive events of São Paulo’s productions of modern dance.

18 groups are responsible for 66 presentations between today and the August 25. The objective of the programming to trustee/guardian Leticia Cocciolito, continues to be variety. “We are trying not to pursue a theme that is too rigid in order to showcase a greater quantity of treated issues of the life of dance and in doing so, giving the audience a chance to experience the diversity of this event”, so she says.

One of the issues raised, for example, is the accessibility, addressed in shows that bring to the cast people with disabilities. It’s their “Forma de Ver” (Way of Seeing), by choreographer Marcos Abranches, 26-28 of July, and “Proibido Elefantes” (forbidden Elephants) and “Sobre Todas as Coisas” (About Everything), both by the Gira Dança Company, invited by Rio Grande do Norte who will rise to the stage from August 21-25.

This year, the event counts performances of two groups weekly - some days performances will be shown back to back, allowing the audience to view more than one performance per night. Besides being shown in theatres, presentations will also
take place in gardens, libraries and the foyer of CCSP.

The one who opens this marathon, today until Thursday at 8 pm is Zélia Monteiro, with her intimate solo called “Tres Danças Passageiras” (Three Passing Dances). She will be followed by Balé da Cidade de São Paulo (City of São Paulo’s Ballet), who will dance “Frágil” (fragile), “LAC” and T.A.T.O, starting tomorrow until Saturday at 9 pm and Sunday at 8.

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